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Two points dropped

Bayern rue lack of bite in final third

After the final whistle in Hamburg, Louis van Gaal dallied awhile in the Imtech Arena dugout, consulting his notes and arranging his thoughts. Was Bayern’s goalless draw with HSV a point gained or two dropped? The answer was soon forthcoming. “I’ve been to the dressing room and told my players it’s a shame we didn’t win,” the FCB boss said, “I have the feeling we could have come away with a lot more.”

Van Gaal was not the only participant to arrive at that conclusion. “In the dressing room, we’re thinking it’s a shame we’ve only taken the one point,” echoed Bastian Schweinsteiger. The second half was still fresh in the mind, a 45-minute period in which Bayern increasingly gained the upper hand as the home side tired. “Hamburg were physically shattered in the last 15 minutes, which is basically when we should have been scoring the single goal we needed,” mused Van Gaal.