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Reaction to Dortmund v Bayern

Nerlinger: That was a serious setback

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Christian Nerlinger called Sunday’s 2-0 defeat to Dortmund “a serious setback,” Uli Hoeneß lamented a “worst-case scenario,” and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was disbelieving: “It cannot be that Bayern Munich are 13 points behind the leaders.” Louis van Gaal was also in no mood to pull punches: “Unbelievably, we’ve lost again by not taking our chances. We’re a long way behind, but it’s also a long season.”

Reaction to Dortmund v Bayern

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “We’re concerned, no question about it, because we’re 13 points behind the leaders – we’re not happy about that at all. We’ll only turn the corner by winning. There can only be one motto for the next home match after the international break: we need nothing but a win. We have to start taking points. It cannot be that Bayern Munich are 13 points behind the leaders. We played well in the first half, but unfortunately, we’ve yet again failed to score from any of a number of chances. After we went a goal down, I didn’t see us react and try and put our opponents under pressure. Dortmund played on Thursday, so we should definitely have been putting them under more pressure. We don’t have the kind of squad which needs to be fully 13 points off the lead. We need to sit down and analyse this, and see that we turn the corner very quickly. We’re in a situation which cannot be tolerated at Bayern.”

Christian Nerlinger: “The time has come for a few home truths. We need to look hard at ourselves and wake up. That was a serious setback. We’re making it easy for our opponents at the moment. We’re having incredible trouble turning chances into goals. We’re investing huge amounts of energy, but we’re failing to force the ball over the line – and at the moment, the first shot at our goal is going in most of the time, and at some point, it’s impossible to recover, as we saw today. After we went 2-0 down, the team never looked like they believed in turning the situation around. We’ll close ranks and work through this situation. We were in the same situation last season, and everyone knows how it ended. We need to return to winning ways in our next home match.“