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Arjen’s big night out

Robben set for Europe’s top prime-time show

Arjen Robben cannot shine on the footballing stage at present, but he is set for a big appearance on national TV. This Saturday evening, the 26-year-old will feature at the Olympic hall in Munich as a guest on Wetten, dass..?, the biggest light entertainment show on European TV. spoke with Arjen about his upcoming appearance, and which of the star guests he is most looking forward to meeting: Joe Cocker, Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich, Katy Perry, or perhaps singer and model Michelle Hunziker?

Interview: Arjen Robben Arjen, how well are you prepared for Saturday evening?
Arjen Robben: I’m good (laughs). I’ve seen the show on TV a couple of times and I basically know what to expect. I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

The thread running through the show is light-hearted bets or dares [the title translates as “I’ll bet you, that…”]. Do you know which one you’ll be sponsoring?
No, not yet. I’ve still to find out, but maybe it’ll be one of the kids’ challenges. That wouldn’t be bad.

You’re appearing alongside international stars such as Orlando Bloom, Joe Cocker, Milla Jovovich and Katy Perry. Who are you most looking forward to meeting? Feel free to name [Swiss singer and model] Michelle Hunziker…
(Laughs) I’m basically looking forward to all of them. They’re all global stars in their own way, and it’ll certainly be fantastic seeing Joe Cocker or Katy Perry perform live.

[Presenter] Thomas Gottschalk admits he doesn’t know much about football. Have you briefed him at all?
No, but I think he’ll be well informed – at least I hope so (laughs). The main thing is for everyone to have fun.

Are you going by yourself or will family members go with you?
My wife will be in the audience, and the rest of the family will be watching on TV – in the Netherlands too, where I believe the show is broadcast.

We’ve mentioned bets: what’s your best bet as to when you’ll be playing again?
I wouldn’t place any kind of bet on that. The injury has to heal completely, so I don’t need any kind of risk or to be making bets on when I’ll be back.