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Robben interview, part 2

‘I’ll give it more than 100 percent’

Arjen Robben’s mazy dribbling, individual skill and instinct for goal played a major part in Bayern winning the domestic double and reaching the Champions League final in 2010. The Dutch ace also appeared for his country in the World Cup final. In part two of an exclusive interview, the 26-year-old looked to the future, discussing his planned comeback and FCB’s prospects this term.

Interview: Arjen Robben, part 2: After the shock of your injury in the summer, the year seems to be ending on a more positive note for you personally.
Arjen Robben: Yes indeed. The most important thing for me now is a fresh start with the team on January the second. I’m off on vacation now, although I won’t just be lazing around. I’ll keep up my training, so I’m in good shape on 2 January and capable of competing the full squad programme.

You resumed the team workouts in mid-December. Could you have done without the winter break?
No, I sense I need the break now. I’m pretty exhausted, because the last few months have been very tiring, both physically and mentally. A vacation now is a good idea, so I can start again at 100 percent.

How did it go after you rejoined the team for training?
It was super. Naturally, we couldn’t immediately expect it to be like it was before. When you’ve not trained with the team for five months, you need time to get used to it again. But it’s all happening very fast, I must say. I feel great, and I’m in good physical shape.