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In among the fans

Schweinsteiger and Co enjoy annual visits

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The Bayern stars’ pre-Christmas visits to official fan clubs are no cakewalk, if the film of sweat glistening on Bastian Schweinsteiger’s forehead, cheeks and neck was anything to go by. The Red Kinis '99 of Sindelsdorf certainly handed the star midfielder an intense grilling on Sunday afternoon, and there were no holds barred, especially when the numerous kids present posed the questions.

“So, how many millions are you earning then?” one young chap demanded, prompting Schweinsteiger to pause for a moment’s consideration. “I’m doing pretty well,” he eventually and diplomatically answered. The next question was almost equally personal: “Do you want to have kids?” Schweinsteiger smiled. “Definitely, but I’m taking my time. I have a dog for now.” A labrador, as it turns out, answering another question from the Sindelsdorf fans.