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Interview: Manuel Neuer

‘I really like the Bavarian mentality’

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Manuel Neuer is the Bayern and Germany goalkeeper, and was named the second-best keeper in the world last week. He is some player, and a big personality too, which goes a long way towards explaining his success since arriving in Munich last summer. In part two of our exclusive interview, we asked Manuel to discuss his personal development, and how he copes with fame.

Interview with Manuel Neuer, part two: Manuel, are you as keen on the PlayStation as some of your games-mad team mates?
Manuel Neuer: No, not at all. I was given one as a present, but I practically never use it. If we do have a day off, I prefer to watch a good film. I'm not the guy for console games.

How hard was it to leave your home in Gelsenkirchen last summer?
I lived there for 25 years, so all I knew was Schalke and the national team. Moving to Munich put me in a totally different environment. My family was suddenly a long way away, and I pulled on a different jersey. It was a massive change, but I absolutely don't regret it at all.