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Manager, mover and man

Gala evening to mark Hoeneß’s birthday

Uli Hoeneß was almost overwhelmed by the event in his honour at Munich's Postpalast on Friday evening, saying it was “unbelievable, and the best party we've had since I've been at Bayern." Some 500 guests accepted invitations from the club to attend the gala, entitled ‘Manager, Mover and Man’, in honour of Hoeneß’s 60th birthday on 5 January.

“I did anticipate a few things, but not this atmosphere in this arena. All credit to those who’ve achieved this. Thank you very much indeed," the guest of honour declared, “I'm very, very proud to be president of this club." Even the hardened senior official seemed close to tears of joy on what was both an official but also family-oriented get-together. “Looking at what's happening here, I have to say that every vision I had of what a football club should be like has been fulfilled," Hoeneß said.