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Nerlinger's straight talk

Targets, transfers and title rivals Dortmund

He watches intently from the touchlines, forming an impression of the team. His phone goes off with monotonous regularity, he frequently sits and talks to Jupp Heynckes of an evening, and he often converses with the media. Delegation head Christian Nerlinger has plenty to do in Qatar, including delivering a status report on the Doha training camp when he addressed the press on Saturday.

“We've worked very hard on our physical fitness, and fine-tuned our tactics," the FCB director of sport reported. “I'm utterly convinced we'll be successful in the second half of the season," he continued, although he deliberately downplayed the buzz of excited media chatter about the Champions League and the final in Munich. “We have to finish as champions of Germany," Nerlinger insisted, “Bayern can miss out on the title once, but not a second time."