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All for one

Heynckes calls for renewed team spirit

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In the aftermath of the midweek Champions League defeat to FC Basel, chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge addressed a clear and concise message to the FCB stars: “It's time to wake up," he said at the post-match banquet, calling for the right response in Sunday's home meeting with Schalke. Rummenigge appealed for a concerted team effort: “Do it together. All for one, and one for all."

Jupp Heynckes took up the theme of team unity on Friday. “The defeat in Basel was a match which drove home to any last doubters that there can be only one direction from now on. We have to pull together," the head coach told reporters in Munich. “We have to rediscover our unity as quickly as possible. Team work is more important than anything else. Individual players’ personal interests have to take a back seat," Heynckes demanded.