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Regeneration the priority

Bayern camp takes brief pause for breath

The weather on Monday in Munich offered a small foretaste of southern France. The players enjoyed blazing sunshine, blue skies and temperatures up to 16°C – but not on the practice ground. Instead, the stars stayed at home, as Jupp Heynckes awarded his men a day off.

“Regeneration is very important for the players," the head coach told His team is embarking on their third consecutive week with two competitive fixtures. There will be at least five such weeks in March and April, and depending on results in the Champions League, up to seven two-game weeks through to the end of the season. Just two days after the 2–1 Bundesliga victory over Hannover, and two days prior to the Champions League quarter-final first leg trip to Marseille, Heynckes therefore thought it best for his men to pause for breath.