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The boss reflects

Coach: I'm taking everything as it comes

The Bayern party was undoubtedly weary after the energy-sapping victory over Marseille, but the players were smartly turned out as always for the return flight to Munich from the south of France. Fortunately, there were no major injuries to report, but the stars’ batteries need recharging as fast as possible, as the vital Bundesliga trip to Nuremberg takes place on Saturday.

Shortly before takeoff, boss Jupp Heynckes took questions from reporters. summarises the 66-year-old's key statements.

Jupp Heynckes on…

…the night and the day after victory in Marseille:
“It wasn't a long sleep, but I slept well, and I wasn't dreaming of football. We sat together early this morning and analysed the match. We need to let that sink in first, and then this afternoon, I'll analyse Nürnberg's most recent Bundesliga match in Stuttgart. At some point I'll decide whether to make any changes to the team for Saturday."