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Bavarian battle

FCB keen to maintain run in Nuremberg

Sports scientists focus a lot on the optimal balance between activity and recovery periods. After a significant physical burden, the body requires a certain amount of regeneration before being able to cope with the next task of the same intensity. Finding that balance is the biggest single challenge facing FCB boss Jupp Heynckes as his team play a game every three days in the decisive phase of the season.

“We hardly have any time for regeneration, because we’re simply going from one competitive match to the next. That’s what makes it so difficult,“ commented the coach in the wake of Wednesday’s Champions League quarter-final first leg victory over Olympique Marseille. Just three days later, his men are back in action in the 184th all-Bavaria derby away to FC Nürnberg (Live in English from 3.15 pm CET Saturday on Web Radio), where Munich are looking to stay hot on the heels of leaders Dortmund with a first win in Franconia since 2005.