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Madrid in focus

Boost for morale, confidence and belief

The countdown has started: just under 100 hours separated the final whistle in Bremen on Saturday and the biggest match of the season so far, Wednesday evening's Champions League semi-final return away to Real Madrid. “We'll travel to Madrid with morale and confidence high, and face this huge challenge," said Jupp Heynckes following Bayern's 2–1 victory over Werder.

The victory was achieved despite the looming clash in the Spanish capital, despite extensive squad rotation, and despite the situation in the standings. “As FC Bayern, we have a duty to give everything and show our quality even in a match like this. The team has gone out and done just that. I'm very satisfied with our commitment and attitude. We deserved the win," commented Heynckes, who agreed he had “thoroughly changed things around" for his team's 13th match in the space of six weeks.