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Makaay on Madrid

Ex-FCB striker: Bayern can really hurt Real

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In Bayern's last meeting with Real Madrid, Roy Makaay fired himself into the record books, as his opener with barely ten seconds on the clock remains the fastest goal in Champions League history. The early strike also laid the foundations for FCB making the quarter-finals that season. Makaay spoke to club journal Bayern Magazin about the game back in March 2007, and looked ahead to Tuesday's showdown.

Interview: Roy Makaay

Bayern Magazin: Roy, do you remember the events of 7 March 2007?
Roy Makaay: Of course. Immediately after Bayern sealed a place in this season's semi-finals, I found myself with lots of happy memories of that match and my record goal. The story of the goal came up again a couple of months ago, when Jonas of Valencia scored against Leverkusen just a couple of tenths of seconds later than I did against Real. Lots of reporters spoke to me about it at the time.