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Kroos: We travel to Dortmund in good form

Toni Kroos stayed indoors on Easter Monday, but there was no rest for the 22-year-old, as he worked out in the Säbener Strasse performance centre before joining his team-mates for lunch. Kroos was recharging his batteries and building up strength ready for Wednesday's showdown in Dortmund. spoke to the Germany international about the big match and the season from his point of view.

Interview: Toni Kroos Happy Easter Toni! After Saturday's Augsburg match, Thomas Müller said some of the players had no idea it was Easter due to the packed schedule. Are you one of them?
Toni Kroos: No, it hasn't come to that yet! Obviously, we're on the road a lot and we have plenty to do, but it's part of the job. In any case, Easter isn't that special for me. I've never made a big deal of it.