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FCB says ‘thank you’

All of Munich weeps red and white tears

On Monday morning, the biggest tabloid newspaper published this headline: “All of Munich weeps red and white tears." There can't be a more appropriate description of the sadness surrounding FC Bayern at the moment.

On Saturday evening, every Bayern fan, all friends of our club, and almost everyone in Germany witnessed a dramatic and highly emotional football match. They were witnesses to our ‘final at home’ in the Allianz Arena.

It was almost entirely wonderful. Unfortunately, our team was denied the most important thing of all, a victory. Despite all our committed play, we failed to win the Champions League trophy. Everyone who followed the match knows it was incredibly unlucky – in fact, you can't lose more unluckily. It is bitter, and it hurts.

But despite our huge disappointment, our fans behaved fantastically. All over the city, in the squares, the streets and the pubs, and at the Public Viewing events, the atmosphere during the match was joyful and celebratory. We're proud of our supporters. Despite the defeat, despite the shock and the grief, they behaved with dignity, style and Bavarian hospitality. On behalf of FC Bayern, I wish to warmly thank you for that!

With very best regards
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge