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Countdown to kick-off

Bayern’s schedule on the day of the match

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After all the pre-match hype and palaver, the action finally gets underway at 8.45 pm on Saturday when a 62,500 crowd watches Bayern take on Chelsea in the Champions League final. But how exactly will the playing and coaching staff spend the last few hours prior to the big match? has enquired after the schedule and presents it here, from breakfast at 8 am through to kick-off in the evening.

Saturday 19 May: Day of the final

8 - 10 am: The players receive their wake-up calls from the hotel switchboard. They gather for the breakfast buffet. The players are free to choose what they want to eat for the first meal of the day, but they must finish within the given time limit.

11 am: Coach Jupp Heynckes supervises his team for a gentle training workout, known by the pros as a “sweat-breaker”. The programme also includes stretching and muscle toning routines.

1.30 pm: Lunch at the hotel, followed by a period of rest. The squad and coaching staff retire to their rooms. Each player will follow his own preferred routine: some take a nap, some read, some watch TV.

5.30 pm: A final pre-match meal or snack. Pasta is a favourite for its slow-release energy.

5.45 pm: Jupp Heynckes will hold the main team talk of the day. The players learn the final line-up, the pre-match tension continues to mount.

7 pm: Team bus departs for the Allianz Arena.

7.30 pm: Arrival at the stadium. Some players may chose to inspect the pitch and take in the atmosphere, although the FCB stars have nothing to learn in this respect. Eventually, the entire squad reports to the dressing room to change.

Approx 8.05 pm: Official pre-match warm-up on the field of play.

8.40 pm: Teams assemble in the tunnel ready to process onto the field.

8.45 pm: Portuguese referee Pedro Proenca whistles play underway.