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Rummenigge’s speech

Chairman: We must learn the right lessons

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DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach and DFB honorary president Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder werepresent, along with former Bavarian First Minister Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Günter Netzer, FCB honorary president Franz Beckenbauer and the Bayern board and executive committee. A total of 600 guests gathered at Deutschen Telekom’s Berlin headquarters, the FCB family traditionally comes together after the DFB Cup final – but this time, the trophy was absent, and the evening defeat to Dortmund weighed heavy on the mood. Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge made no effort to conceal the disappointment in his speech, which we report here.

Rummenigge’s banquet speech in Berlin:

“Ladies and gentlemen, honoured guests,

Even at this late hour, may I warmly greet you on behalf of FC Bayern to Telekom headquarters in the capital. I would very much like to thank our hosts, Deutsche Telekom, for once again making available this wonderful location. Unfortunately, it’s a new experience today: whenever we've been here in the past, we came here as winners, but not today, unfortunately. (…)

Naturally, no-one sitting here has enjoyed the evening. One can adopt a more benevolent or a less benevolent point of view. My coaching father-figure Dettmar Cramer advised me always to offer an honest opinion on evenings like this, even when it hurts. This is what I wish to do, because I believe we must learn the right lessons from this match. A 5–2 defeat doesn't happen by chance, and it's not unlucky either. We have to say it loud and clear: what we've been through this evening was a disgrace. Every Dortmund goal – there were five of them – is like a slap in the face.