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Final fever

Neuer: We can hardly wait for it to start

The colourful Champions Festival opened its doors at Munich Olympic Park on Wednesday afternoon. The city's streets are draped in flags, and the local media are devoting hours of broadcasting time and yards of column inches to reports previewing the big match. With three days still to go until kick-off, there is no avoiding the Champions League final in the Bavarian capital. “You see it immediately when you drive or walk through the city," reported Manuel Neuer. The FCB keeper and his team-mates are infused with a huge sense of anticipation: “Naturally, we can hardly wait for it to start," Manuel stated.

“We're looking forward to it more and more," confirmed Mario Gomez, “you start thinking much more frequently than normal about possible situations in the match, about things which might happen. Every player knows it's something very special. Everyone at the club is looking forward to this match. There’s a special atmosphere." The sense of anticipation is almost tangible, “and it gives you a feel for the true dimensions" of the event, Mario continued. The game is indeed historic, as FCB are the first team ever to reach the Champions League final at their home ground.