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Fans thrilled and excited by FCB Erlebniswelt

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There is no training at the Säbener Strasse for the time being, but even in the close season break, Bayern fans are by no means deprived of action, facts and information about their favourite club, thanks to the new FCB Erlebniswelt at the Allianz Arena. Germany's biggest club museum opened its doors a month ago, and fans have flocked to the 3,000 square metre attraction.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Tobias K., an early visitor, gave a typical statement: “I've never seen anything like this. Only Bayern could do this." Joining forces with partners Audi, adidas, Samsung and Osram, the club has created so much more than a mere museum. Although there are trophies, team kit, boots and balls in abundance, there is also real emotion and experience in the air. Decisive goals and memorable moments play on screens to the left and right, former presidents relate amusing anecdotes, and current and former players examine the club's long-lasting values.

“I really don't know where to start," commented Juergen B. from Rosenheim, an FCB member for more than 30 years. The loyal fan was unable to pick out any single highlight of the museum. “Just seeing the trophies, the Champions League, Bundesliga Shield, DFB Cup and so on, in such close up is a dream come true. You keep coming across items and action highlights which you thought had gone forever. A shiver went down my spine every couple of yards."

Erlebniswelt visitors are particularly delighted with an 11 minute cinema-style movie exploring the world of Germany's biggest club. “I saw some visitors coming out with tears in their eyes," reported Juergen B., whose two kids had a whale of a time with the goalkeeping and corner-kick games. Papa couldn't resist a smile as he worked his way through the Audio Bar, featuring Bayern-related hits (and misses) from recent decades. “You have to visit!" he declared.

And if you're a club member, this is the perfect time for a first trip to the FCB Erlebniswelt, as we have a special members-only reduced price admission offer running through the end of August.