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Heynckes on…

…Sammer, Martinez, and the season ahead

On Friday, shortly before the end of this year's Trentino training camp, Jupp Heynckes faced the press for some 40 minutes. The lively question and answer session covered a number of interesting topics, including the arrival of Matthias Sammer, an analysis of last season, preparations for the new campaign, and the club's interest in Javier Martinez. We summarise Heynckes’ most important statements.

Jupp Heynckes on…

…his vacation: “I didn't take a holiday. I recover well once I've worked through things, analysed them, drawn my conclusions and prepared myself for the new season. That's when I start recovering, that's when I'm satisfied, when I know what I have to do. I sat down and conducted a comprehensive analysis. I put in a lot of effort analysing our play, the team, the work done by the coaching and fitness staff, the physiotherapists, and everyone who has anything to do with the first team. Naturally, I've drawn my conclusions. I've told the team we must try and optimise our work this season. I have a very clear vision and we've started out on it."