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One week, 11 workouts

Heavy legs, fully focused, good mood

Jupp Heynckes showed no mercy on Tuesday. The boss organised a training session just nine hours ahead of the first warm-up match. It was the eleventh training session since the start of the pre-season a week ago. The players have not had a single day off yet. They’ve all suffering with cramp and heavy legs but “the mood is good” as Daniel van Buyten reported. Mitchell Weiser’s assessment after the first week of training was “very positive”.

Head coach Heynckes dreamt up a varied programme for his players. On the one hand, there were cross-country runs, cycling, sprints and work in the gym, and on the other hand, lots of work with the ball. This included passing drills, crossing, shooting and switching play. And, last but not least, there was a lactate test. “That was good for showing us where we’re up to,” declared Van Buyten.