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Sammer's analysis

Sport supremo sums up first two weeks

The location for Bayern's summer training camp in Trentino could hardly be more picturesque, surrounded as it is by mountains and lakes. However, board director for sport Matthias Sammer only has eyes for events on the Arco stadium pitch, as he watches the stars like a hawk and occasionally exchanges opinions with Jupp Heynckes and his assistants.

On Tuesday, two weeks after taking up his new post with the club, the 44-year-old talked to the media about his initial impressions, the first thoughts from his analysis of the situation, and his ideas and targets for the future of Germany's most successful club. The leading personality spoke for fully 50 minutes, and summarises his key statements.

Matthias Sammer on…

…his first two weeks at Bayern:
“For the first ten days I was completely lost, but it's settling down now and I feel good. Bayern Munich is a huge club, as you can see and feel. When you arrive at a place which is functioning well, it's advisable to take a modest approach. I would always regard the club as bigger than any individual. I believe you're there to serve the club and not the other way round. My task is to settle into a functioning club, but also to introduce my own ideas. The job is to build on a very, very strong foundation, and find the extra two or three percent to ensure it's not always second place for us. We want to be first again."