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Butt to leave FCB youth development post

Jörg Butt (38), who ended his playing career as a member of the FC Bayern Munich first-team squad at the conclusion of last season and took up a position as head of the elite development centre in the club’s youth section, has asked the board of directors to release him from his duties for personal reasons.

“I have to be honest with myself and therefore also with FC Bayern. I misjudged this field of activity, for which I’ve had responsibility for a few weeks now," commented Butt. “I approached my new appointment with great enthusiasm, but I have realised that the task does not offer the satisfaction and passion I wanted. This is the reason for my decision. I would like to thank FC Bayern for their understanding."

“Jörg Butt’s request to be released from his duties has taken us completely by surprise," commented FC Bayern Munich AG chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. “Jörg Butt is a straightforward and no-nonsense man. For this reason, and although we regret this decision, we will accept it."