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Bavarian party

FCB lay on ‘super surprise’ for Hopfner

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The Säbener Strasse gym was transformed on Tuesday, with the walls covered in large white hangings, plump red and white balloons suspended from the roof, and an interior decor scheme comprising market stalls with fresh produce and lovingly prepared Bavarian beer garden tables and benches. It was a foretaste of the Oktoberfest, which starts three and a half weeks from now.

Naturally, there was a special reason for the makeover in the sports hall, as the club had prepared a surprise party in full Bavarian style to mark the 60th birthday of deputy chairman Karl Hopfner. The headquarters staff appeared appropriately clad in traditional dirndls and lederhosen, a worthy tribute to the long-serving finance wizard.

“I knew nothing about it. This is a wonderful surprise," the clearly moved Hopfner commented, “it's a real honour." At the same time, he (jokingly) expressed apprehension “that something’s taking place here which I don't know about. That gives me cause for concern."