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Surgery ‘successful'

Gomez: I’m delighted the op went well

Bayern striker Mario Gomez has successfully undergone surgery on his injured ankle. The operation, performed outside Germany on Tuesday, involved the removal of loose fragments and splinters of the joint from the player’s left ankle.

“The operation went extremely well,“ commented FCB chief medical officer Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, “in all likelihood, Mario will have to sit out training for the next three weeks. After that, he’ll be able to start on a sports rehab programme.“

“I’m delighted the op went well and that the pain is gone,“ commented Gomez, “I’ll need to be a little patient now, but after that I’ll do everything I can to be available for selection again as quickly as possible.“

The injury prompted the 27-year-old to pull out of last weekend’s LIGA total! Cup after one match and return from Hamburg to Munich, where a medical established the need for immediate surgery.