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Board member’s marathon

Sammer: What matters is Bayern Munich

The Olympics are over, but Matthias Sammer completed a minor marathon on Wednesday morning, with six media sessions involving 27 journalists and five hours of questions, all of which he patiently answered. Six weeks after his arrival at FCB, the new board member for sport covered a range of topics including Jupp Heynckes, transfers, and German virtues. We summarise the significant statements.

Matthias Sammer on…

…his first few weeks at Bayern: “Obviously, both sides have to get used to each other. It was a change for me, but also a minor one for Bayern. After ten days I sensed things were beginning to fall into place and I knew my way around. My spell with the DFB was very important, because I learned so many aspects of the theory. I'm delighted at the chance to work here with Bayern."