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Dante: It's been outstanding here so far

His full name is Dante Bonfirm Costa Santos, although he is only ever known by the short version, the simple ‘Dante’. But how would the Brazilian actually like to be addressed? The summer signing revealed the answer in Wednesday's video chat: “Dante or Mr Dante, it doesn't bother me. The fans can use both!" The likeable Brazilian spent a half-hour between training sessions taking fans’ questions. We present a selection of the defender’s answers.

Dante on…

…his first few weeks at FCB, and the Allianz Arena:
“My time here has been outstanding so far. It all works so well together, the club, the stadium, the fans, my new team-mates. I have a super, positive feeling. I really like Munich, and we've had fantastic weather recently as well. I've already said to my wife: look, we're in the right city! And the Allianz Arena is incredible. On the way home from the Dortmund game in the Supercup, I took loads of photos because the city was looking so wonderful."