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FCB rise to second in UEFA coefficient ranking

A week ahead of Bayern’s 2012/13 Champions League opener against Valencia, the Munich giants are celebrating a significant leap forward in the ranking of UEFA club coefficients. For the first time ever, Germany’s most successful club have climbed to second place, behind only Barcelona and ahead of the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Bayern have 114.865 points, the second-best total after Barca (134.690). United lie third (113.907), followed by Champions League holders Chelsea (111.907), Real (111.690) and Arsenal (96.907). The second-best German club are Schalke (66.865) in 18th place. Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund (32.865) are currently 60th on the list.

Rummenigge expresses pride

“We’re very proud of where we stand in the current coefficient list,” Karl-Heinz Rummenigge informed However, the chairman warned that the new best placing represented “an obligation on us to have another successful season in the Champions League.”

The UEFA club coefficient ranking is based on results in the Champions League and Europa League in the last five years. The coefficients are calculated from the points thus earned, plus a 20 percent weighting based on the national association’s coefficient over the same period. The rankings are used to seed clubs in draws for European competition.