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Heynckes delighted by greater depth in squad

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Jupp Heynckes was simply thrilled by his team’s 6-1 victory over Stuttgart, meaning FCB stay top of the Bundesliga standings with maximum points from two matches. However, the coach was even more satisfied with an incidental happening prior to Sunday’s match: Arjen Robben, struggling with a heavy cold, sought out the coach on Sunday lunchtime for a personal chat. Heynckes revealed the subject of the private meeting: “Arjen came and said: ‘Boss, I’m not feeling great. We have such a good team and so many players. It’s better if someone who’s 100 percent fit and capable plays instead of me.'“

Heynckes reported this conversation during his post-match remarks to reporters at the Allianz Arena. Naturally, he was pleased with the result, but he described the exchange with the star winger as “a real delight. It reflects the spirit in this team, and I thought it was first-class.“ Robben stepped aside, and other players came in to fill the gap. This season’s squad boasts such depth that Heynckes was more than adequately able to compensate for the loss even of a player of Arjen’s calibre.