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From zero to hero

Match-winner Müller shrugs off early errors

For a time, it was one of those afternoons when Thomas Müller couldn’t trap the proverbial bag of cement, pass to a player from his own team, or hit a barn door at ten paces. “I was pretty cross when I failed to control a couple of passes, as if I was playing in the district league," the player said after the away clash with Schalke. As it was, the 23-year-old stuck to the task and went on to become the man of the match.

Müller contributed a goal and an assist to Bayern's 2-0 victory in Gelsenkirchen, paying tribute afterwards to his team-mates “for still passing to me despite it all. It didn't go very well for me today for a long period." Jupp Heynckes agreed Müller had suffered “a couple of unlucky moments. The final ball went astray or he failed to run the last few paces."