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Centre back Jerome

Boateng: Being at this club feels good

The ever-presents at Bayern are normally the likes of Philipp Lahm, Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer, but that is not the case this season, as the trio have all been rested this term, for the DFB cup meeting with Kaiserslautern. Not so Jerome Boateng. The centre back has played every minute of every match so far, but as he told, he is not in the least tired: “I've not noticed any loss of energy, and I'm the kind of guy who regenerates very, very well."

In his second season at the club, Boateng has become a regular in central defence thanks to consistently good performances. The 24-year-old has played a significant role in Bayern's mean defence, with just four goals against in the league. The only thing lacking for Jerome is a goal of his own, but he is determined to change that as soon as possible, as he seeks to silence jibes and quips made by his friends.

Interview: Jerome Boateng Jerome, you didn't get home from the Hamburg match until well after midnight, but you're back at the Säbener Strasse facility early in the morning. There's not much time to sleep is there?
Jerome Boateng: True, especially because I'm always up till at least three in the morning after matches. I need a certain amount of time to come down. Sometimes I watch the whole game again, sometimes I put on a DVD.

What's your assessment of the victory in Hamburg?
We didn't quite get to grips with it at the start, but it got better after 20 minutes. We dominated the game, switched well from attack to defence, played good football and deserved to win.

Yet again, Franck Ribéry was outstanding. What do you think of his form at the moment?
He's totally enjoying it, just like the whole team. I really don't like playing against him in training. He’s good on both the left and the right, he’s exceptional. Nowadays he gets through a lot more work in defence and takes some pressure off the defenders – although we do work for him as well (laughs).

You've played every minute of every game so far this season.
I always want to play, and at the moment I've not noticed any loss of energy. I'm the kind of guy who regenerates very, very well. And I've become significantly stronger physically.

What's your workout plan?
I work out daily in the weights room, sometimes before training and sometimes afterwards. It's very important to me and I feel good. I also set great store by the right diet. I usually eat pasta, vegetables and salad.

You've also managed to avoid injury. Are you pleased about that?
Oh yes. Last season was the first in my career without a major injury. We have a superb medical unit and fitness coaches who regularly supervise me in important exercises. I feel top fit.

This is your second season at Bayern…
… and I now feel I've settled in properly. I like Munich more and more, and my family from Berlin visit regularly, which makes it easier for me. And it's really not difficult to feel good about being at this club. Coming here was an important step for me.

Have your twins been to the stadium at all?
Yes! Although they've only watched the Bundesliga, because the Champions League kicks off too late and they have to be in bed.

So they've watched you play at centre back, as you've finally established a regular position for FCB. Are you happy about that?
I'm extremely happy. It's easier to maintain your rhythm.