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Exclusive interview, part 1

Sammer: We have exams to pass this year

This week officially rates as an international break, but there is no let up for Matthias Sammer, as a steady stream of visitors passes in and out of the FCB board member for sport’s office. Despite the constant activity, the 45-year-old took time out to give his views on the current situation at the club.

In the first part of our interview, Sammer reviews the season so far. How would he assess his first four months with Germany's biggest club? Is he satisfied with progress on the field? “Last season definitely rates as good," he said, “but the fact is we can’t be satisfied with good this season. We're aiming for very good – and that means trophies!"

Matthias Sammer interview, part 1 Matthias Sammer, we’re in a short international break. Is it a chance for the Bayern board director for sport to catch his breath?
Matthias Sammer: No, the opposite in fact. It's actually more turbulent than normal. There are so many things to attend to. On the one hand, there are strategic decisions to take. And on the other, I'm in regular touch with national association coaches and sporting directors, discussing the burden placed on our players. Naturally, national coaches ultimately decide for themselves how long a player plays, but I try and explain the context to them.

You joined the club around four months ago. Do you have any leisure time away from your job?
Very little at the moment, but that was always a given for me, because I want to feel my way into the club and understand it. So I'm investing a lot of time in that. It was all discussed and agreed with my family beforehand.

In your first few days at Bayern, you said your initial task was to gain a full impression of the club. Is that phase now over?
In terms of the senior squad and the environment they’re in, I now have a very good overview. In the next phase, my focus will be on the youth section, something I'll be starting at the turn of the year.