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Reaction to Augsburg v Bayern

Heynckes: That was a hard job of work

When the leaders play the team in second-to-last place, you’d expect the outcome to be clear-cut, but although Bayern did ultimately win the all-Bavaria clash with Augsburg 2-0, “it was a hard job of work,” Jupp Heynckes acknowledged. It took FCB’s second goal from Mario Gomez to give the team “complete security again,” the coach said. “These are the games you have to win if you’re to be champions,” said the scorer, “and we’ve won again.”

Reaction to Augsburg v Bayern:

Jupp Heynckes: “Before the match, I told my team very clearly it wouldn’t be a stroll. That was a hard job of work. As we all saw in the first half, everything that’s been written and said is wide of the mark. FC Augsburg were made out to be less capable than they really are. Their organisation was extremely good in the first half, their pressing was excellent, and we had a few problems getting going as an attacking force. We did better after taking the lead, and we had complete security again once we were 2-0 up. We showed the dominance and the authority which are our hallmarks.”