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Exclusive interview, part 2

Heynckes: We have to resolutely stay the course

It has been a near-perfect season so far, as FCB lead the Bundesliga and are set fair in the Champions League and DFB Cup. However, in part two of our exclusive interview, Jupp Heynckes issues a rallying call to his players: “We have to resolutely stay the course!" After two years without silverware, the 67-year-old insisted he will tolerate no slack in the rest of the season. The boss also discussed Javi Martinez and keeper Manuel Neuer.

Interview with Jupp Heynckes, part 2: Which player has surprised you the most this season?
Jupp Heynckes: I don't want to single out individuals, although I will admit there have been one or two. The entire team has pulled together in exemplary fashion, including those who haven't played that often. That's been first-class.

Javi Martinez has looked better and better with every game. How would you assess his progress?
The public and the media can now see why I fought for him so strongly. He's exactly the player we need for the position in defensive midfield. Javi has outstanding ability as a footballer and as a personality. He's really well integrated now, and one of the key reasons for our excellence in defence. Javi will be one of the outstanding individuals at Bayern in the years to come.