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Heynckes' analysis

‘Enjoy it and keep our feet on the ground’

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The weather was good, the city enthralling, and the result ideal: Bayern’s Champions League trip to London was perfect in many ways, promising much for the future. Shortly before the return flight on Wednesday lunchtime, Jupp Heynckes spoke to reporters. listened in and has picked out the head coach’s most important reflections and conclusions.

Question: Jupp Heynckes, are you still revelling in the victory over Arsenal, or have your thoughts already turned to Bremen at the weekend?
Jupp Heynckes: That’s just what I was thinking about on the bus on the way here. You can’t simply revel in matches like that. You start thinking about your analysis, training, regeneration and what might happen on Saturday. My team were great yesterday and we’ve taken a big step towards the quarter-finals. Scoring three away from home is a good foundation for the return.