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‘I can shut it out’

Ex-Wolf Mandzukic aims to show teeth

Some seven months ago, facing reporters at the Trentino training camp, Mario Mandzukic was positively serene, answering every question unprovocatively and finishing with a surprise self-assessment: “I'm boring!" Speaking two days before the reunion with his former club Wolfsburg, the Croat with 17 goals to his name so far is as calm as ever, but only away from the field, as Toni Kroos revealed: “That's where he emerges from his shell."

Mandzu is the club’s top scorer this season, and shares first place in the Bundesliga scoring chart on 14 goals with Robert Lewandowski of Dortmund and Stefan Kießling of Leverkusen. He is well on track to score more goals in his first season at Bayern than the 20 he achieved in two years with Wolfsburg. “He's played very, very well so far and he’s made a great start to the second half of the season," commented Kroos.