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FCB wary of Gunners’ attacking armoury

It's fair to say that a good proportion of the players on both sides are thoroughly looking forward to Tuesday's Arsenal versus Bayern clash. At the pre-match press conference on Monday afternoon, reporters asked Bastian Schweinsteiger when he had last been in touch with Lukas Podolski. “23 minutes ago," grinned the Germany midfielder, checking his mobile phone, “he’s delighted we're visiting his city." Karl-Heinz Rummenigge described ex-FCB man Poldi as “one of the good guys" but issued the Germany international with a light-hearted warning: “I hope he's not thinking of scoring. He should think it over very carefully."

But once the match gets underway (Live in English from 8:45 pm CET on Web Radio), all friendships will be put aside for the 90 minutes. “It'll be tough, for us and for Arsenal," noted Schweinsteiger. The Bundesliga leaders are only too well aware of the attacking threat posed by Podolski and his team-mates.