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Ribéry: It'll be a tremendous clash

The first international match of the new year is a very special one for Franck Ribéry, who represents France against Germany in Paris on Wednesday evening and goes head-to-head with six Bayern team-mates. Before the winger headed for his home country on Sunday afternoon, he chatted with about the friendly international, the season so far, and exchanging texts with Lukas Podolski.

Interview: Franck Ribéry France meet Germany on Wednesday. Has the match already started in the FCB dressing room, so to speak?
Franck Ribéry: We've had some fun, me and Philipp [Lahm], Bastian [Schweinsteiger], Thomas [Müller] and the rest. There’s been plenty to laugh about.

You'll probably spend most of your time up against Philipp Lahm.
Philipp and Thomas, I guess. It'll be a tremendous duel with the pair of them. We'll set aside our friendship for the 90 minutes. I'm very familiar with how they play, but they know all about my game. And that also goes for all six Bayern players likely to represent Germany in Paris on Wednesday.