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Juventus build–up

Heynckes: We need a repeat of the home leg

Newly-confirmed German champions Bayern are now looking to take the next step towards glory in the Champions League, as the Reds defend a 2-0 lead from the Champions League quarter-final first leg away to Juventus on Wednesday evening. The day prior to the decisive clash began with the squad travelling to northern Italy in the morning. brings you up to speed with the latest news.

+++ 6:25 pm: The stars and the coaching staff now have the stadium to themselves. That's the end of our rolling report for today: check back tomorrow for a review of the situation at Juventus, our exclusive video preview on at lunchtime, and our usual match coverage with a comprehensive match report shortly after the final whistle, followed by the video highlights at midnight.

+++ 6:07 pm: Bayern's pre-match training session is underway. Jupp Heynckes is supervising all the 19 players who have made the trip to Turin. Light drizzle has begun to fall as the temperatures plummet. Hordes of camera crews are in position on the touchline, filming the players’ every move. That's because the media only have quarter of an hour before it's time to say ciao, and the session closes to observers.

+++ 3:10 pm: Peace and quiet has descended over the team hotel, prior to the final pre-match workout in the early evening. Coming up on our exclusive preview of Tuesday’s win-or-bust clash, a feature on the current situation at Juventus, an ‘FCB in Turin’ gallery to be expanded later in the day with images from training at Juventus Stadium, and our exclusive video preview on at lunchtime tomorrow.

+++ 2:07 pm: The press conference with Jupp Heynckes is now at an end. The FCB coach said his team would approach the game in Turin in exactly the same way as the home leg last Tuesday. “We’ll try and prevent Juventus getting going in the first place, and we’re looking to win the match,“ he said. Some 70 journalists packed into the hotel’s Salone delle Feste for the obligatory pre-match press conferences. Heynckes will now hold a series of face-to-face briefings with his players. The training session at Juventus Stadium is set for 6 pm.