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Juve appeal to fans

Italians urge tifosi to stage ‘hellish spectacle’

There’s always hope, especially online. Juventus Turin’s glimmer of hope before the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern is coalescing on Twitter under the hashtag #iocicredo, the bold statement that “I believe”. And the players at Italy’s most successful club share far more than merely a glimmer of hope for the match. “It’s highly possible we can turn it around, everyone wants it and you sense it in the city. Now it’s up to us,” said defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Of course I Bianconeri know that after Bayern’s 2-0 win last week in Munich, the Germans are clear favourites for the second leg. The Torinese also know that nothing is decided yet. “We’re still in it,” declared Chiellini, "a lot went wrong in Munich. I hope the second leg will be Juve’s game.”