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Neuer v Buffon

One match, two world-beating keepers

Manuel Neuer keeps goal for Bayern and for Germany. Gianluigi Buffon keeps goal for Juventus and for Italy. You really can't get much better than that. On Wednesday evening, when the newly-minted Bundesliga champions and the Serie A champions-elect go head-to-head in the Champions League, two of the best keepers in the world will be on the same pitch for the second time in a week.

Some 115 yards will separate Neuer and Buffon during the 90 or 120 minutes at Juventus Stadium. However, the exceptional duo are much closer than that when you consider their standing and talent. “Buffon is a major reason why Juventus keep so many clean sheets and are so good in defence," commented Neuer on Tuesday. Buffon recently described Neuer as “a good and very strong goalkeeper. He has all the attributes you need to shape an era."