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Heynckes on a high

Sammer: Coach takes the credit for this success

When it comes to Jupp Heynckes and titles, there can’t be a more appropriate location than Frankfurt. Heynckes’ former player Armin Veh is currently in the hot seat at the club, he coached Eintracht himself in 1994/95, and it is where he celebrated his maiden Bundesliga title as a player in 1971. Fittingly enough, Frankfurt provided the setting on Saturday for Heynckes’ first league triumph as a coach since 1990.

Now the oldest Bundesliga-winning boss at the age of 67, Heynckes was almost overcome with joy after the game. “Obviously it's an emotional moment. I've won the championship again after 23 years, although it was rather warmer back then. I've never won the league in such cool temperatures, neither as a player nor as a coach," he beamed.