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Balancing act

Bayern aim to break records in Gladbach

The fixtures were set up so nicely, or so it must have seemed last August. Matchday 32 featured Bayern versus Dortmund, serving up the possibility of a final showdown for the title on the last day, with Dortmund at home to Hoffenheim and Bayern away to Mönchengladbach. But it has all turned out differently: FCB have utterly dominated the domestic season and sealed the championship crown after just 28 matches.

Nevertheless, the game away to Borussia on Saturday (Live in English from 3.30 pm CET on Web Radio) is not without meaning, as there are still records to break. And, added Jupp Heynckes: “We want to maintain our run and rhythm, and win the match in Gladbach." If so, Bayern would complete the best second half of the season in Bundesliga history, and also stock up on confidence ahead of the Champions League final on 25 May. However, Heynckes does not regard his final contest in the Bundesliga, which takes place in his home town against his favourite club, as a dress rehearsal for Wembley: “The countdown doesn't start until Tuesday," he stated.