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Reaction to Barcelona v Bayern

Heynckes: This team is hungry for success

Bayern overran mighty Barcelona for the second time in a week to reach their third Champions League final in four years. “I'm almost having to pinch myself," said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, “we've won 3-0 here against the best team in the world. Unbelievable!" Jupp Heynckes praised his team's skill and unity, and goalscorer Arjen Robben looked forward to Wembley: “Obviously, we want to win the thing now."

Reaction to Barcelona v Bayern:

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “I'm almost having to pinch myself! We've won 3-0 here against the best team in the world, and we won 4-0 at home. That's unbelievably good! I relaxed after we took the lead. I knew it meant they needed six, and I thought that wouldn't be possible today. We've had two wonderful days against Barcelona, it went perfectly, but we won't turn arrogant now. We've achieved something that’s very tough, making the final for the third time in four years. Now we want to lift the trophy! We’ll be confident when we go to London, and I believe we have a good chance of pulling it off.”

Matthias Sammer: “We continue to respect FC Barcelona. But we've become better, and we wanted to prove it. We have terrific quality and we’re on the right track. But now we have to win the trophy.”

Jupp Heynckes: “This team really pulls together. We get through outstanding work together, and we're tremendously hungry for success. Both games have shown we’re capable of football at a very high level. We're playing extremely high-speed football, we’re very well organised, we’re tactically smart, we close down the space, and our transitions are functioning perfectly this season. We're a real team, from the front to the back.”