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Heynckes: We're playing world-class football

Sleep was a problem for the Bayern players and coach on the night after a famous 3-0 victory over Barcelona. “Naturally, I've not slept much, but that's the European cup for you," Jupp Heynckes said on Thursday morning, less than 12 hours after his team's resounding success at Camp Nou. As always, the FCB boss took questions from reporters at the airport prior to the return flight to Munich, discussing Wednesday's match, the final against Dortmund, and what the rest of the season holds. summarises Heynckes’ most important statements.

Jupp Heynckes on…

…the night after the Barcelona clash:
“Naturally, I've not slept much, but that's the European cup for you: you get to bed late, and falling asleep is tough. But I know the feeling well, and I think I'll probably manage an hour's lie down this afternoon."

…the key to Bayern's success:
“Overall, I think we're playing fantastic football this season. There's wonderful harmony in the team, and that's reflected out on the pitch. All the other essentials for playing football at such a high level these days is what we work on in training. And the decisive factor is perfecting our transition play. Barcelona had two chances yesterday, but otherwise I never thought they'd score."