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'Bayern in seventh heaven'

International media reaction to FCB’s triumph

Sunday’s papers and websites were full of respect and admiration for Munich's Champions League triumph at Wembley the night before. “Robben banishes the pain of 2012," declared the British Daily Mail, “Bayern, the Kaiser of the Champions League," said leading Italian daily Corriere della Sera, “Football was the winner," declared Spanish paper Sport, and Le Parisien proclaimed: “Bayern on the summit!"

International media reaction to Bayern's victory:

The Times: “Rockin’ Robben! The Dutchman's last-minute goal seals the Champions League title for Bayern.”

Daily Mail: “Robben banishes the pain of 2012 – Bayern win their fifth European Cup.”

The Guardian: “On a night of high drama, Robben scores the winner. Underdogs Dortmund go down with their flags flying high.”

The Independent: “Arjen Robben as Mr Confident. His winning goal prevents Bayern falling to their third final defeat in a row.”

Sport: “Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund erect a monument to football. It doesn't matter who won. Football was the winner, Germany was the winner. Every single player should have been carried from the pitch on someone's shoulders.”

As: “Robben hands Bayern their fifth title. A goal by the Dutchman, who failed to beat the opposing goalkeeper in three earlier one-on-ones, means Bayern are champions. Borussia were better at the start, but were physically overpowered after that.”

La Vanguardia: “Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund prove they are light years ahead of their European rivals, including Barcelona and Real Madrid. They can always shift up another gear and can't be stopped.”

El Mundo: “Robben finally wins the Champions League. His 89th minute goal gives Bayern their fifth title.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Robben triumphs at Wembley. Unbelievable! The Dutchman sinks Borussia Dortmund. Bayern exorcise the ghosts of 2010 and 2012. A masterclass from Heynckes. Congratulations to Guardiola. You're getting an admired and celebrated team, champions in every respect. If you manage to do better than Grandpa Heynckes, you're a genuine phenomenon.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Bayern overcome their nightmares. Robben wins the cup for Munich at the third attempt. Heynckes hands his team to Guardiola as Kings of Europe.”

Corriere della Sera: “Bayern, the Kaiser of the Champions League. Heynckes is now aiming at the treble. What a wonderful match, definitely better than many previous finals. Dortmund gave it their best shot.”

L'Equipe: “Bayern in seventh heaven. Wembley is their paradise. Franck Ribéry involved in both goals. Robben took the 89th-minute chance to hand Bayern their fifth victory in the European Cup. Dortmund matched them in a great final.”

Le Parisien: “Bayern on the summit! Colossal, this Bayern Munich. The first half was probably the best goalless half in Champions League history.”

Kurier: “Champions: David Alaba and Bayern celebrate triumph in London.”

Kronen Zeitung: “Alaba makes footballing history.”

Blick: “Robben rescues Bayern! With his winning goal after 89 minutes, Robben is the hero of Wembley.”

De Telegraaf: “Robben does it – Robben's revenge – Arjen Robben has handed Bayern Munich victory in the Champions League. Robben's winning goal wipes away the bitter aftertaste of the 2010 and 2012 finals.” “Everything goes right for Robben at last. He’s often come close but it always went wrong. It all went right for Arjen Robben at Wembley on Saturday evening. He crowns a career full of highs and lows at last.”

Record: “They were destined to win. Bayern's dream season was bound to end in a European trophy.”

Público: “After two defeats in three years, Bayern's time has come.”

Goalnews: “Robben über alles! The Dutchman drives out the demons of the past and leads Bayern, the best team in the Champions League, to victory.”

Sport Express: “Bayern are crowned champions of Europe! Who will be calling Arjen Robben the unlucky man now?”

Aftonbladet: “Football rediscovered itself for one evening. That's how the big finals should be. Dortmund were more hungry, but Bayern had the stamina.”

V.G.: “It's rare there are such high expectations of a final, and it's rare they’re met in this way. The all-German festival at Wembley was an eventful football drama in two acts, with Arjen Robben in the starring role.”