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First–time champion

Starke: This is just a terrific year

Last Saturday, and at the relatively advanced footballing age of 32, Tom Starke laid hands on the championship shield for the first time. It was a first major honour for the Bayern number two keeper, and the highlight event so far since he joined Munich last summer. Starke talked to about the trophy and his first season with the Reds: “This is just a terrific year, there's no other way to put it."

Interview: Tom Starke Tom, what's it like to hold the shield?
Tom Starke: The shield is really heavy, which I wasn't expecting. It's a huge and extreme feeling when you hoist it in the air, everyone's cheering and you’re personally overjoyed. It's the moment you're dreaming of when you start playing as a little kid.

Did you manage a private moment with the trophy? Or did you even manage to take it to bed with you?
I'd have liked to, but I never quite had it all to myself. I gave it a little kiss, and that was it.