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New signing Jan

Kirchhoff: I knew at once I wanted to come

We're still in the period of calm before the storm. A handful of curious visitors stroll the Säbener Strasse training facility, the lawnmowers roll out with increasing frequency, and the second team are well into their preparations for the new Regional League campaign. But on Wednesday, there was a first sign of life from the senior squad, because Jan Kirchhoff reported for training. The new signing from Mainz stepped out onto the practice ground at FCB for the first time at half-past nine in the morning, well before the arrival of a forecast heatwave. Kirchhoff joined fitness coach Marcelo Martins, who is returning to Brazil at some point over the next few weeks, to begin building stamina prior to the first workout under Pep Guardiola.

Frankfurt-born Jan moved to Munich two weeks ago, and first reported to the Säbener Strasse facility on Monday. He had groin surgery in May, but the after-effects have all cleared up now. “I'm ready to go," Kirchhoff told when we met up in the Performance Centre. The 22-year-old reported on his first impressions, explained his decision in favour of FCB, and looked ahead to the new season.

Interview: Jan Kirchhoff Jan, a very warm welcome to FC Bayern. It's not officially time to report back, but you're already at work. When did you arrive in Munich?
Jan Kirchhoff: Two weeks ago. I trained at Dr Müller Wohlfahrt's practice to begin with, and started here at the Säbener Strasse on Monday.

So you're already a native of Munich, as it were…
To be frank, I'm already fallen in love with the city: the English Garden, the Bavarian cuisine, the people here and the glorious weather. And I've already found an apartment too. It's all come together, and I have to say I'm totally bowled over by my first few days here at the club.

Why are you already working out? With the exception of Holger Badstuber, all your new team-mates are still on vacation.
I don't want to start from zero next Wednesday, so I'm trying to gradually build up my rhythm. I've been working on stamina and stabilisation, and now we're moving to acceleration and pace. I'm ready to go.

What about the groin injury?
Everything’s good. I had the operation on the second to last Bundesliga matchday in early May. I had therapy, and I've been working hard on sports rehab training for the last three weeks. Everything’s completely healed, and I can train again as normal. There's nothing I can't do.