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The captain interviewed

Lahm: There's more to come from this team

Philipp Lahm is much in demand at all times, including the summer training camp in Trentino. When the captain sat down with at the end of the eight-day stay in Riva del Garda, he was spotted on the hotel terrace by a group of fans, who immediately started charting his name. Lahm laughed and gave them a wave, prompting the supporters to cheer and stroll proudly on.

But it's all part of being a professional footballer, just like the twice-a-year training camps when the stars sweat for the cause. This summer’s trip to northern Italy was the fourth in succession for the club, and Lahm was in good spirits: “We've had a great week," he said. But the captain looked forward as well, to the forthcoming campaign, the Player of the Year awards, and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Interview: Philipp Lahm Philipp, apart from the training sessions and friendly matches here in Trentino, have you managed to get out and about at all?
Philipp Lahm: We always have the opportunity, but I generally don't fancy doing much during a training camp, because I'm usually too tired. I played a round of golf with Thomas Müller, which was nice and relaxing, although the problem is that Thomas talks just as much on the golf course as he does anywhere else (laughs).